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Roman Piazza

Renaissance Italy with Tony Junker AIA
13-24 May 2018

Architecture has been described as ‘frozen music’ and few times in history has this idea been more powerfully revealed than in the richly woven visual polyphony of the humanistic Italian Renaissance. In this eleven day excursion through central Italy, architect and program director Tony Junker AIA, assisted by our outstanding local guides, will lead a small group of tour participants on a moving study tour of the Italian Renaissance, from its birth and flowering in outlying Tuscany and Florence to its ultimate expressions in the great city of Rome. Through evening lectures and group discussions, followed by guided visits to a carefully selected sequence of buildings and museums, participants will experience first-hand the dynamics and fabulous achievements of this amazing period in human history.

About Your Program Director

Architect Tony Junker AIA is an experienced program director of art and architecture tours in Italy, and a veteran collaborator with Under the Italian Sun. Tony graduated from Wesleyan Univeristy in Art History, then went on to earn his Bachelor of Architecture degree at MIT. Tony studied under renowned architect Louis I. Kahn at Penn, where he earned masters degrees in architecture and city planning. He also received a diploma in architecture from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Fontainbleu, France. Tony has taught architectural theory and design at Penn, Columbia, North Carolina State and Moore College of Art.

Tour Information

The complete tour description is available here.